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Better than you imagined!


About Us

PharaohShus, LLC is a multimedia service company that focuses on the creative needs of individuals, artists, small businesses, and large corporations. Our slogan is Better than you imagined!  Why - because our goal is to first understand your vision and to then collaborate with you on how to enhance it.  Our goal is to not just be your service provider but your partner.  


Established in Avondale Estates in January 2011, PharaohShus was founded on the principle of keeping things simple, impactful, and within budget.  Yet, we aim to exceed the quality of major production companies. PharaohShus is a customer centered brand working closely with our clients in order to deliver the original product that was envisioned and enhance it 1000% - making it better than you expected!


How to pronounce and define PharaohShus?

PharaohShus: [Phe - roh - shu -s] - (noun) - defined as any extreme person, place, or idea.


Our Team Leaders

Marketing Consultant, Outsource Marketing, Marketing Support
Shari Morgan 
Director of Sales and Marketing




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