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  • Radio is an excellent yet inexpensive branding medium

  • Connect with your target audience - radio ads prompt on average 41% of listeners to react*

Contact us to see if radio advertising can support your marketing  initiatives.

(*Source: The Infinite Dial 2013 - Arbitron, Inc. / Edison Research)


Radio advertising is not ideal for all marketing plans however, if applicable, it can easily be designed into your strategic plan with rewarding benefits.

Media advertisers saw a 16% conversion rate for promos when using radio as a reminder.*

Radio advertising topped television, social media and direct mail & was 2X as effective as newspapers in influencing Healthcare choices.*


BLD and PharaohShus Radio has reached over 30 million listeners, in over 150 countries.  If you have an interest in being a show host or DJ to spread your voice then join the PharaohShus Team.


With over 6 years of experience in radio and over 13 years in marketing, marketing operations and strategic planning - the PharaohShus Team will assist you along the way.


Audio Mixing and Mastering

Voice-over services, commercial development, PodCast enhancements - PharaohShus offers professional development and editing services using the latest software and equipment.

Our team can also record, mix, and master your next mixtape, demo, or album. We use Protools 10 / Logic 10 with the latest plug-ins and have high quality tracks for lease and exclusive sale.


Our editing services include:

  • Cutting out mistakes, breaths, unwanted words

  • Reducing background noise/hiss/hum/to a minimum

  • Break/Combine/Repeat/Cut audio files

  • Adding background music 

  • Volume adjustments

  • Special effects, according to your project's needs


Professional DJ Services

We provide the finest DJ services in the Atlanta metro area.  From wedding receptions to school dances and from anniversary parties to corporate and team building events, PharaohShus is your source for entertainment.


Prices typically start at:  $350, includes (1) DJ, professional equipment, lighting equipment, and full access to a plethora of music from multiple genres.


Call us today to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our representatives.

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